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Inflammation - America's Greatest Serial Killer

Inflammation occurs to everyone, but when left to fester, inflammation can take a toll on the body, and overtime chronic inflammation can lead to countless health issues and disease. However, inflammation isn't all bad. The fundamental purpose of inflammation is actually beneficial to the body. 

When one eats certain foods, gets a cut, exercises or even catches a cold, the body becomes inflamed. Inflammation targets viruses, bacteria, toxins, and damaged cells and works to remove those cells from the body. 

Inflammation doesn't stop there, it also leads to the restoration and rejuvenation of those cells. With this synergetic flow, inflammation can do a lot of good to the body, without it, inflammation has a dark side. This synergy comes from the body's access to antioxidants and "anti-inflammatory" foods. Unfortunately, most of our population suffers from inflammation that is unable to finish its process, leading to chronic inflammation.

Sugar, refined grains, and saturated fats are major dietary contributors to the body's inflammatory immune response. Even eating a small amount of these Western diet staples inflames the body that can lead to bloating, increased blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, mental health issues, cancers, joint pain, gut issues, auto-immune disorders, weight gain and obesity. Without additional anti-inflammatory foods the body lacks the antioxidants it needs to restore the body's cells to normal health. 

A healthy body is capable of battling the occasional inflammatory food like a slice of birthday cake, but a regular diet of sugar and saturated fats leads to disease and premature aging of the body's cells. Chronic inflammation leads to some of the body's worst conditions and ultimately the possibility of premature death.

To put it simply, anti-inflammatory foods are just fruits and vegetables. By consuming more of these whole foods, one can reduce the body's overall inflammation. Americans, in particular, suffer from the highest rates of chronic inflammatory symptoms and disease. America also has access to a wide variety of resources that can resolve many of the population's health issues. However, without the proper knowledge and emphasis on accessibility and consumption of A-I foods, Americans are left to suffer. 

With that said, here are some of the best Anti-Inflammatory food recommendations:

Berries (Blue-, Rasp-, Black-, Cran-,)

Dark Leafy Greens ( Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard)

Green Tea





Garlic, Onions, Mushrooms

Ginger and Turmeric

Tart Cherries



Fatty Fish (Salmon, Herring)

For more information on how to enhance your diet and exercise or to have a dialogue about health and wellness please email,

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